Communication Solutions

Communication Solutions

Maintaining a consistent flow of open communication throughout an organisation, both internally and externally will impress customers, secure new business opportunities and build a bright future.

Our communication solutions help staff to collaborate with each other and your customers – faster, more efficiently and cost effectively.

Digicorp’s communication solutions offer a wide range of products including Telephony, Hybrid Mail and Variable Data. The hardware and software that we implement enable your business to fulfil communication needs through simple, productive and cost-efficient technology.

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Telecoms Solutions

Whether you are a small, thriving business, or profitable multinational, reliable and open communication lies at the heart of every successful business. Benefit from our robust voice and data communication systems and ensure that you are never far away from the people that matter to you - wherever you are, whenever they need you.

Digicorp provides a unique range of telephony services including hosted, mobile and unified communications. From desktop telephones to mobile devices, we partner with a range of manufacturers to provide a choice of premium handsets. 

Coupled with a service that offers clever features and an emphasis on control and administration through the web, take the burden away from your IT team. Administrators can quickly configure the system according to your organisation’s changing requirements to provide maximum flexibility, while your employees manage calls easily and effectively.

With minimal capital outlay and a jargon-free approach to telephony, we have a solution to suit any business size. We work with you to ensure that any solution we deploy offers total visibility over spend and makes your company wholly accessible.

  1. Control features through a user-friendly interface
  2. Empower your staff with one number anywhere by integrating your fixed and mobile capabilities
  3. Total flexibility with the choice of numbers you want
  4. Lower call costs
  5. Manage every day calls to enable employees to work flexibly
  6. Easy-to-use, jargon free service
  7. No set up costs

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail combines the convenience of digital communications with the requirement for printed mail - creating a solution that maximises the best of both worlds.

Our clients benefit from the flexibility of Hybrid Mail by sending their documents to us in a digital format and we take care of the rest of the process.

Outbound mail sent to print is collected in a digital format, checked for errors, sorted and printed before finally being enclosed and mailed by one of our approved print facilities. Inbound mail is scanned and distributed electronically either by email or directly into electronic document management systems.

  1. Fast efficient mail processing
  2. Access to a centralised print and mail facility
  3. Secure archive of all outbound and inbound mail
  4. Professional appearance and accurate output
  5. Save money on franking machines, post and letterheads

Variable Data

Our variable data platform is the ultimate marketing tool. Businesses often have many different versions of the same document that needs to be shared with a diverse audience. As changes are made –  adding logos, terms and conditions or pricing - a simple task becomes a major job. Digicorp’s variable mail platform is a cost-effective way to automate, customise and simplify document changes.

Virtual Stationery

Many businesses still use pre-printed stationery; letterheads, invoices, work orders or business communications, specific paper types and forms.

With the right solution, you can transform an expensive business model into a business saving.

  1. System cost savings
  2. Reduce time spent handling and posting documents
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint
  4. Ensure brand consistency
  5. Refresh outdated documents
  6. All marketing documents and stationery in one place
  7. Scalable to your growing business
  8. Personalise documents with dynamic data