Print Solutions

Print Solutions

An MPS (managed print solution) will manage every aspect of your business’s print infrastructure with an all-inclusive contract, including printers, scanners, fax machines and copiers. 

Digicorp’s print solutions offer complete visibility and control of your business's print environment, helping you save money, boost productivity, enhance data security and improve green credentials.

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Managed Print

Our intelligent print management software integrates with your existing technology to make printing work the way you want it to.  Simple, transparent and cost-effective software tracks usage behaviours, enables print auditing and even allows print jobs to find users based on their physical location.

Because your print environment is unique, we’ll find the right solution for your business. Digicorp’s usage reporting tool enables you to monitor your print fleet, observe staff behaviours, set quotas and define print rules - keeping costs to a minimum, reducing waste and optimising document output.

  1. Reduce waste
  2. Optimised document output
  3. Consolidated print fleet
  4. Secure print auditing

Print Audit

Digicorp’s experts will run a full print audit and analysis. It’s our job to understand exactly how your devices are utilised and the running costs. Our audit report looks at the size of your print fleet, device location, staff print behaviours, consumables and power. You’ll receive a full report along with recommendations to help you continue to manage your print assets, reduce costs and maximise efficiency.

  1. Gain more visibility of current usage
  2. Uncover hidden costs
  3. Develop a business case for change
  4. Maximise device uptime
  5. Enable ongoing return on investment

Fleet Management

Digicorp will centralise the management of your entire fleet, freeing up your busy IT department. A clear monthly usage report, as well as preventative maintenance and support, will ensure optimum performance. We’ll track consumable levels, replenish stock and recycle used toners, fusers and waste bottles in an environmentally friendly manner.

Digicorp regularly review client solutions to ensure that we maximise savings for your business, working with you every step of the way to eliminate unnecessary costs, boost productivity and efficiency. Typically, clients see up to 30% savings in energy, paper and consumables.

  1. Time and associated cost savings from reduced administration
  2. A single point of contact for all service and support issues
  3. Standardised new equipment throughout the business
  4. Improved productivity
  5. Transparency in costs across all devices

Printers & MFDs

Digicorp is proud to be accredited partners of industry leading manufacturers - Canon, Ricoh and HP. Because we are independent, we can advise you on the best hardware solution for your requirements.

With minimal disruption, we will make the process as smooth as possible; effectively communicating and engaging with all departments and agreeing a timeline and start date.

After installing your equipment, all solutions are fully supported by our Helpdesk and engineers. Ongoing training, preventative maintenance, technology reports and monthly reviews ensure we meet your expectations. 

Document Security

The expansion and digitalisation of the modern workplace, as well as the drastic growth in data volume has led to increased cyber security challenges. Business processes and workflows are often spread across devices, networks and geographies. Organisations must ensure that data remains protected at every stage and mitigate any threat to fundamentally secure document and data management systems.

Multi-Functional Devices (MFD) are now responsible for a huge proportion of data input, output, transfer and storage, making them one of the most dangerous yet often overlooked threats in the workplace. Digicorp put security at the heart of all hardware and software solutions. Every service we deploy features built in security capabilities.

  1. Full print archive for GDPR compliance
  2. Reduced risk of internal data breaches
  3. Authentication and authorisation capabilities to help control access rights

Mobile Print

Mobile technology has created greater opportunity for flexibility, productivity and collaboration.

Business processes, workflows and printing capabilities must be mobile optimised and able to work together to ensure constant communication and data flow, wherever and whenever employees need it.

With Digicorp’s mobile printing, employees can print to any machine from their mobile device with total network security. State of the art software identifies the closest printer to a location. Mobile workers can select the most effective print option based on print history or job type and information stays confidential and secure. 

  1. Simplified printing
  2. Print from any mobile to any printer regardless of brand
  3. Securely control when each document is released
  4. Manage allow/block listings to ensure users have the correct access
  5. Improve employee productivity
  6. Promote flexible working