Document Management and Workflow

Document Management and Workflow

In the ever-evolving workplace, paper-based processes are giving way to automated workflows and digital systems. Embracing a paperless office enhances efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

Digicorp’s document management solutions streamline paper and electronic documents into cohesive workflows, accessible from any device, ensuring secure storage and freeing employee time for better information access and control.

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Workflow and Process Management

Using efficient document management streamlines your systems and workflows, making information available, adaptable, searchable, portable, and reusable. This enhances your business environment and improves the customer experience. Our technology automates tasks, offers user-friendly drag-and-drop software for document management, enhances data security, and promotes collaboration across departments. You can also easily track workflows and document handling.

  1. Time and cost savings through reduced administration and reduced wastage
  2. Improved customer satisfaction and faster response times, along with increased staff efficiency and departmental collaboration
  3. Establishment of robust operational and management systems through a paperless office policy
  1. Document related cost saving
  2. Enhanced employee productivity
  3. Secure, versatile software integration

Scanning and Data Capture

The first step to a paperless office is capturing paper bound documents. Digicorp’s smart software scans documents into compact, easy to manage file formats that can be easily searched using OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) and converted into editable documents for repurposing.

Improving the management of business documents is more than just implementing new technology. It involves understanding the needs and challenges your business faces, your current processes and how your staff communicate. We ensure that any solution we implement smoothly integrates with the day to day running of your business.

Storing & Archiving

Transitioning from paper-based to digital storage offers cost savings, operational efficiency, enhanced security, and eco-friendly benefits.

Smart management software allows documents to be digitally archived, encrypted, stored and deleted. Documents such as HR, legal or financial documents must be kept for a certain period of time due to legal requirements. Digicorp’s cloud or on-premise storage facilities formats documents so that they are easily searchable. It can even be set up to automatically delete data when it is no longer needed, further improving compliance.

  1. Save office space by eliminating filing cabinets and promote a paperless environment.
  2. Securely archive documents to assist GDPR compliance and facilitate easy searching
  3. Access documents on the go for enhanced flexibility and efficiency