About Us



Established in 2005, Digicorp is an independent provider of business technology and solutions.

Digicorp is a dedicated provider of business technology solutions committed to cultivating long-lasting partnerships. Our expertise lies in Managed IT Services, Unified Communications, Managed Print Services and Document Management. Through close collaboration with our clients, we leverage our independence and robust industry relationships to create customised solutions that not only deliver value but also drive transformative progress.

What sets us apart is our dynamic team equipped with a diverse skill set and extensive experience which defines us as a specialist in managed services. Customer support is our forte, characterised by lightning-fast response times and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Every solution is boosted by the support of our UK-based helpdesk, Professional Services team and highly trained technicians.

Our clients are the heart of our business and we tirelessly strive to maximum customer satisfaction and lasting partnerships.

Our Process


Digicorp’s consultants invest considerable time in obtaining an understanding of your business environment.


We analyse our findings to come up with possible product/ software solutions from our portfolio of solutions.


We consider several different solutions for your needs before providing a proposal.


We will draw up a detailed proposal for your consideration. The proposal includes a summary of your current situation and future needs, including full specifications and financials.


It is our intention for all stakeholders to be involved to make the decision process straightforward.


Once the agreement has been approved we will implement your preferred solution in line with your timescale, with an emphasis on minimising any connected impact. Training will then take place to ensure all users are familiar with the new software and processes.


The unrivalled support levels that we provide are at the heart of our company. We deliver maximum support throughout consultation, proposal, implementation and after care.


As part of our ongoing business relationship we continuously seek to improve the solutions we implement. Your account manager will update you on the performance of your current solution and keep you informed on the latest technology and software innovations appearing in the market.