Employee File Management

Employee File Management

Don’t let scattered, illegible, or incomplete forms hinder productivity. With DigiCorp, streamline your personnel document management digitally in one comprehensive system.

  • Instant access to employee records anytime, anywhere
  • Enhanced security for confidential data
  • Future-proof HR digitalisation for long-term efficiency
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Revolutionising Employee Data Management

Securely stores personnel documents, enabling swift retrieval, sharing, and updates of pertinent information. Bid farewell to paper clutter and cumbersome Excel lists as administrative tasks for onboarding or payroll accounting become effortless with just a few clicks.

  1. Secure storage of personnel documents
  2. Quick retrieval, sharing, and updating of relevant information
  3. Simplified administrative tasks for onboarding or payroll accounting

Effortless Access to HR Information

Access HR information instantly, without the need for lengthy searches. Maintain a clear overview of deadlines and document lifecycles effortlessly. Employees can access files from any device, streamlining HR processes and saving time.

Simplified Data Protection

Ensure confidential personnel data remains secure with ease. Provide employees with the assurance that only authorised individuals can access their files. Every access is meticulously logged, ensuring dependable and consistent traceability.

  1. Effortlessly access booking documents and associated invoices
  2. Instantly locate documents using index data or full-text search
  3. Access documents conveniently with keyboard shortcuts from any program