Document Capture

Document Capture

Still drowning in paperwork? Frustrated with tedious tasks and missing information? Streamline your document management with DigiCorp. Take back control and accelerate your business operations.

  • Access documents instantly
  • Save time and effort with automation
  • Ensure secure storage and data protection
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Effortless storage and swift retrieval

Say goodbye to scattered files and endless searches. Centralise documents from any source and extract key data for structured storage. Find that important file in seconds and complete tasks on the fly.

  1. Centralises documents from any source for structured storage
  2. Extracts key data for quick and easy retrieval
  3. Enables finding important files in seconds and completing tasks on the fly

Streamlined workflows for peak productivity

Automate manual data entry and repetitive tasks such as filing, version control, approvals, and reminders. Eliminate unnecessary steps and wasted time. Optimise efficiency and propel your business forward.

Collaborate securely — anytime, anywhere

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road, get instant access to all your business documents and workflows. Encrypted data transmissions and easy-to-manage permissions keep your sensitive information protected.

  1. Instant access to business documents and workflows from any location
  2. Encrypted data transmissions for secure collaboration
  3. Easy-to-manage permissions to protect sensitive information