Automated Invoice Processing

Automated Invoice Processing

Are invoices getting stuck in the approval process? Missing payment deadlines? Accelerate your invoice processing with DigiCorp. Achieve greater efficiency through secure, automated workflows and seamless collaboration.

  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Quick approval workflows based on your business rules
  • Full control and transparency
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One Unified Platform for All Invoices

Upload invoices for immediate data extraction and processing. Whether paper, email, or XML, all invoice formats are securely stored and protected against loss. The solution enforces your business rules and policies to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

  1. Immediate data extraction and processing for uploaded invoices
  2. Secure storage of all invoice formats (paper, email, XML) protected against loss
  3. Enforcement of business rules and policies to ensure compliance with legal requirements

Save Time with Effortless Approvals

Save valuable time with streamlined approvals. Utilise dynamic workflows within our system to seamlessly assign, review, and approve invoices, then efficiently send them directly to your accounting system. This eliminates the need for prolonged wait times, ensuring swift and error-free payments.

Access all booking documents effortlessly

Instantly locate invoices and associated documents using index data or full-text search. Better yet, access them with keyboard shortcuts from any program. Provide real-time updates on the status of all pending or backlogged invoices.

  1. Effortlessly access booking documents and associated invoices
  2. Instantly locate documents using index data or full-text search
  3. Access documents conveniently with keyboard shortcuts from any program