Case Study

Leading London Barristers Chambers


“We thought the package offered to us after our initial consultation was perfect for our needs. This coupled with the support received before and during the project has convinced us that we made the right choice. We would recommend Digicorp and 848 and are very happy with our choice.” Download our full case study below

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  • Previous supplier’s shared platform hosting client email added complexity and access issues.
  • User mailboxes often exceeded Microsoft’s 50GB limit, causing data issues during migration.
  • Business lacked standardized hardware/software, relying on BYOD program with personal devices.


The previous supplier hosted client email on a shared platform, adding complexity due to lack of direct access. Many user mailboxes surpassed Microsoft’s 50GB limit under the Business Premium plan, causing deletions and duplications during migration from the incumbent. The business also lacked standard hardware/software, relying on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program where users employed personal laptops and mobile devices.


  • Developed migration strategy to Exchange Online for 140+ end users and their mailboxes.
  • Collaborated with third-party providers for system configuration and testing during a dedicated change window.
  • Configured different licenses for members and support staff in the new Microsoft 365 tenant.


We devised a migration strategy to Exchange Online, establishing and migrating over 140 new mailboxes and addresses. Our team also constructed, configured, and tested a new tenant on Microsoft 365. Collaborating with third-party providers, we established a change window during migration for system configuration and testing before launch. Additionally, we configured various licenses for members and support staff.


  • Collaborated with incumbent and third-party providers for seamless migration to Microsoft 365, maintaining business operations.
  • Ensured secure, compliant access to the shared platform, mitigating privacy and compliance risks.
  • Established secure, centralized email platform on Exchange Online and Microsoft Office 365 with replicated permissions for minimal disruption and user-friendly experience.


With a clear strategy and collaboration with the incumbent and third-party providers, 848 achieved a smooth migration to Microsoft 365, ensuring business continuity. The team safeguarded access to the shared platform, addressing privacy and compliance risks. The client now benefits from a secure, centralized email platform on Exchange Online and Microsoft Office 365. Calendar and mailbox sharing permissions were replicated for minimal disruption and easier onboarding. The configurations guarantee a secure and user-friendly email workspace.