Collaborative Working

Collaborative Working

In today’s constantly connected world, organisations need to interact and share information quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s face-to-face in a boardroom or long- distance via mobile connection, employees expect a coherent service.

Digicorp’s expert consultants provide the ideal collaboration tools to enable your teams to share rich content and information securely across multiple locations.

We provide an industry-leading range of devices, software and managed services including smart board technology, file exchange platforms and mobile working capabilities. Combined, these powerful solutions help to create a collaborative workforce.

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Smartboard Technology

Our range of interactive smartboards encourage teamwork by giving individuals the ability to capture, develop and communicate innovative thoughts effectively. A smartboard can bring to life what you want to say, how you present it, as well as encouraging active participation from both big and smaller groups and it couldn’t be simpler to use – easily navigate and swipe through documents, edit, draw over, develop and share them. Choose from a range of sizes and configurations to suit your environment and invite colleagues from other locations using our video conferencing tool.

  1. Simple to use plug and play devices
  2. Ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms, show rooms and creative spaces
  3. Remote communication and video conferencing
  4. Built in security features
  5. Simple whiteboard tools with no complex software installation
  6. Portable – not fixed to one room

File Exchange

With today’s stricter security regulations, it’s vital that organisations protect shared files through every stage of their journey – both internally and externally.

Digicorp’s file transfer platforms offer an enterprise-level data exchange solution that combines ease of use with end-to-end security. Features such as two-factor authentication and double encryption ensure that confidential data is never put at risk and is fully protected.

  1. High security standards with double encryption and two-factor authentication
  2. Seamless integration with outlook
  3. Supports any type of file
  4. Exchange any file up to 5TB
  5. Cost savings, no additional hardware or software needed
  6. Fully mobile solution

Mobile Working

Mobile working is about freedom and simplicity. New technologies are making it easy to access information and work regardless of location. The idea of mobile working is simple: giving people the tools to let them work anywhere at any time and freeing them from their desk.

From smartphones to tablets, employees now demand more freedom and flexibility from their business processes. Whether you’re in need of a new fleet of mobile devices and want to explore the best options on the market, or if you are looking for a secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution, Digicorp’s experts will advise and implement the best system for your organisation. We’ll make sure your company’s documents can be shared, stored, processed and edited from any location with maximum security and ease of use.

  1. Promotes flexible working
  2. Provide better customer service
  3. Become more productive
  4. Complete visibility of mobile device usage
  5. Reduce costs by enabling staff to work on the go