It Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Our experts will work with you to provide efficient, reliable and secure solutions, so that you can be confident that your IT infrastructure will support your business.

We’ll help you find the technologies you need. Whether you are trying to solve a specific problem or transform your business — we’ll design your best-fit solution.

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Office 365

The most popular Microsoft subscription product for businesses worldwide – Office 365. We offer our customers a range of packages and help you implement the best suite of applications for your business. Whether you need desktop applications, extra security, or business-class email with great inbox management, Office 365 is the biggest and best all-in-one solution on the market.

  1. Access to easy to use applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note)
  2. Mailbox Management – Outlook for Business
  3. Built in security
  4. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime service
  5. Fully mobile solution
  6. Share content and calendars and collaborate with colleagues

Backup Services

Digicorp’s cloud-based solution offers best-in-class backup service for your business. With disk imaging technology and instant restore features, you can backup your organisation’s hard drives, partitions and servers directly to the cloud and remotely manage them via a web browser. From flexible pay per GB solutions to easy backup for workstations and servers, Digicorp’s Backup Cloud solution is a recommended service that’s been tried and tested.

  1. Manage remotely via a web browser anywhere in the world
  2. Tier IV is the highest availability level for any data centre on the planet
  3. Super speedy backups for peace of mind
  4. Backed up data can be accessed from any web browser
  5. Option to pay per gigabyte for smaller flexible and unlimited storage


In today’s world, keeping your computer protected from viruses, malware, spyware or cyber-attacks is a top priority.

Protect your business against ransomware, viruses and malware to prevent computer slowdowns and manage them easily within the online web portal. Assign policies and adapt them to any location, customise filters to block sensitive information and distribute updates directly inside the network. Our industry-leading, trusted solution will give you peace of mind.

  1. Intuitive filter settings
  2. Location aware policies – security policies adapt as you take systems outside
  3. Automatic email notifications when events occur
  4. Device and USB control scanning
  5. Two-way firewall
  6. Anti-virus and Anti Malware

Software Defined WAN

Businesses today are driven by a mobile workforce and its need to rely on data and applications in the cloud. IT is adapting to this new reality and simplifying the infrastructure for any business is an important step in the right direction. Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a cloud-based IT solution for remote location networking. Deployment is reduced from months to a matter of minutes, replacing the need for a complex data centre and on-site IT troubleshooting. It is this agility and simplicity that provides an optimal user experience for employees and customers alike. Adding in the significant cost savings, the case for SD-WAN is compelling.

Wide Area Networks are a critical component of today’s enterprise computing infrastructure but suffer from many problems that frustrate users.  

Digicorp’s cost-effective cloud-based platform, allows you to configure, manage and monitor your entire WAN estate, from head office out to remote locations, through a single interface. Our experts will help you deploy SD- WAN at a pace that suits you, alongside your existing infrastructure investments.

  1. Configure and commission remote sites in a matter of minutes
  2. In-built application aware firewall and end-to-end encryption as standard
  3. Combine the most cost-effective connectivity with simpler management to achieve maximum savings
  4. One central management portal from which to configure, manage and diagnose your entire network

IT Project Delivery

Our skilled personnel are on hand to help you with your next IT project. From contractors to in-house specialists, the teams we implement and manage are fully trained. We assume the delivery risk, providing a central point of contact & all associated support for small or large-scale project resource requirements.

Leveraging our strong partnerships with leading providers, we bring their skills and assets to you. From creating your SharePoint Intranet to building a complete BI dashboard system, our expert team can effectively deliver the maximum business benefit in the shortest timeframe.

  1. Scalable and flexible and in line with your business needs
  2. Provide reliable, resilient, highly available services 24/7/365
  3. Predict, detect and prevent security threats
  4. Avoid the complexity of multiple service providers through a partnership with Digicorp for an end to end solution