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Our top 5 tips for hosting an effective online meeting

The start of 2020 seems to have flipped normality on its head. Over the past weeks businesses have worked hard to mobilise their workforces and as a result many have had to change their processes and infrastructure to accommodate the new world of work.

Although we may be working from home it doesn’t mean that everything has come to a standstill. Businesses are still continuing with essential meetings all be it virtually as opposed to face-to-face (at least for the time being). Whether that’s weekly departmental catch ups, dealing with customer queries or speaking to new sales opportunities, we’ve swapped our usual meeting set-up for online collaboration tools such as Webex and Microsoft Teams.    


So how can you have the best possible video conference and keep yourself productive whilst working from home?



Keep up your morning routine  


This seems like an obvious one but it’s so important to start the day right. Just because you’re sat behind a screen doesn’t mean you should let your daily routine slide. Get up, get showered and get dressed. When you’re at home it’s easy to fall into a lethargic slump. In order to mentally prepare for your day and for your online meeting you need to be alert and refreshed. Look good, feel good and have a great meeting.     



Minimise the distractions  


Turn the TV off, get off the sofa and remove anything that might distract you or any other participant in your meeting. If you have a desk or even a private space great, if not the dining room or kitchen table will do. Anywhere that you can put your laptop on a solid surface and sit up straight. Here are some additional points to consider:  


  • Ensure that children and pets are occupied
  • Turn off the radio and any computer/phone notifications
  • Ensure you have a blank backdrop
  • Make sure you have a strong wifi connection
  • Test your microphone and webcam at least 15 mins before the meeting


Prepare for your meeting  


Like any meeting it’s important to follow an agenda and come away with actionable points. If you are discussing a particular project, it may be worth sharing the appropriate documentation beforehand so that everyone is on the same page. Applications like Microsoft Teams are fantastic for document collaboration.    



Headphones are a must  


We’ve all been on a conference call where the sound isn’t great and you can hear muffled background noise. It’s frustrating. Get yourself a set of headphones so you’ll be able to hear clearly and ensure you mute the microphone whilst listening to others speak.    



Keep in regular contact  


This one’s a big one, especially as it looks like our current situation will be continuing a little longer - don’t let your meetings be one offs. Your colleagues and your customers want to hear from you. Schedule catch-up calls a couple of times a week so that people stay connected and you continue to work as a team with goals insight.    



How can Digicorp Help?  


We can help you with a variety of collaboration tools to help your team stay connected. From sharing documents to collaborating on projects and video conferencing software to remote working tools our solutions will help your workforce stay productive and become more efficient whilst working remotely. Get in touch with us [email protected]