Case Study

Multi-Site Serviced Office Provider

“We operate multiple sites and supply a service to multiple tenants. Digicorp provided us with a solution that integrated seamlessly with our client management system and has enabled us to take back control of the print environment. Our tenants also receive a much better service.” Download our full case study below

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  • Lack of control and visibility over print environment across multiple sites and tenants.
  • Required integration with client management system for streamlined client billing.
  • Challenges in cost allocation to tenants due to clients using various devices (Mac and PC).


As a rapidly expanding company with multiple London and South East locations, the need for efficient and agile operations became paramount. Each business centre accommodated multiple tenants, yet there was no system in place to monitor individual print behaviours and control costs.


  • Implemented PaperCut Managed Print Solution
  • Integrated print function with the client management system
  • Enabled print release via door entry proximity cards, a cloud-based accounting server for multi-site printing and integrated scanning capabilities.


Digicorp introduced network-based software, PaperCut, throughout all sites, seamlessly integrating it with the customer’s client management system. This setup allowed staff to accurately bill and invoice tenants based on individual usage, irrespective of their office location. Additionally, Digicorp created a unified print and scan interface for a consistent user experience across all sites.


  • Seamless print environment for clients and staff
  • Comprehensive tracking of all print, copy and scan activities for consolidated client invoicing
  • Consistent user experience maintained across all sites


Digicorp’s managed print services have not only yielded substantial savings but have also played a pivotal role in enhancing the client’s overall business operations, efficiency and productivity. These benefits extend to the organisation’s tenants, fostering a positive impact throughout the business.


How best to describe Digicorp –a word that immediately springs to mind is ‘integrity’. Coupled with excellent customer services, knowledgeable engineers and a very competitive price structure all serve to keep Digicorp as our number one supplier.



Ralph Trustees Limited which includes 3 Hotels (Athenaeum, The Grove, Runnymede On Thames + Head Office & GGH Serviced Apartments) have now been with Digicorp for close on 10 Years (2 Separate 5 Year Agreements). During this time, I have found them both Professional and Diligent not only in their Quotation Process but more Importantly their aftercare Support & Maintenance which is paramount to a successful Business Relationship and ensures that Machines are down for Minimum Periods of Time Machines are serviced/maintained on a regular basis and replaced without question if they fall below the High Level of Performance and reliability that I expect Level of service has always been of a very high standard and Engineers have a complete understanding of our Operational Needs and Requirements combined with a no problem attitude which is so helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Ralph Trustees